Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Update: FAA Gives the Green Light!

las vegas raiders stadium image


IT’S OFFICIAL: A pro football stadium is coming to Las Vegas!

That’s because, after months of waiting (and, we assume, world-class cajoling) the Federal Aviation Administration has approved the plans for the new Las Vegas Raiders stadium.

This was vital because the stadium location is surprisingly close to McCarran International, the nation’s 8th busiest airport. In fact, it’s only about a mile and a half away!

But the FAA put their best brains on the “problem” and came to the conclusion that the tallest parts of the stadium, which will measure just under 230 feet in height, won’t pose a risk to the 1000s of commercial jetliners and military aircraft that arrive every year.

The FAA green light opened the door for a unanimous project approval vote by the Clark County Commission, allowing them to issue construction permits to get this massive project underway.

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak — one of the biggest and earlier proponents of the Oakland-to-Vegas Raiders move — was understandably happy:

Now we just need to solve the parking problems. 🙂

Bottom Line: A potentially MAJOR hurdle has been overcome and the new Vegas NFL stadium is on schedule. If all goes well, the team will be playing their first season here in 2020!

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