Live in Henderson

Despite being literally just a few minutes from the world famous Las Vegas Strip, Henderson has a totally unique personality and atmosphere that separates it from the rest of the Vegas Valley. This town is much more than just a “Vegas suburb” and, when you’re here, you quickly understand why! Here are a few of our favorite things about living in Henderson…

Small town feel, big city amenities
Even though it has over a quarter-million residents, Henderson maintains a comfortable, laid-back, small town feel that many locals love. Yet, it’s also a true full-service city with its own essential services, including police, fire, ambulance, and water. Being so close to the Vegas Strip means you’re always just a few minutes away from some of the best hotels, casinos, restaurants, spas, and entertainment in the entire world!

The ‘resort atmosphere’
Much of Henderson looks and feels like being at a world-class resort. Beautiful landscaping, green grass, towering palm trees, giant parks, incredible golf courses, and an abundance of birds, rabbits, and other wildlife — not to mention year-round sunny skies and warm temperatures — create the vacation-like atmosphere many people move here for. Having actual world-class resorts in town, like the Green Valley Ranch luxury hotel casino, certainly helps add to the feeling!

Friendly community
Las Vegas has a reputation for being full of not-so-friendly people and having very little sense of community. Henderson, on the other hand, is known for its friendly, always-smiling residents and strong, family-friendly community.

It’s hard to believe because the Las Vegas metro area is often ranked among the most dangerous parts of the US (though those numbers are inflated due to the huge volume of tourists), but Henderson is one of the safest cities in the country. In fact, in 2011 Forbes ranked it as the second safest metropolis in the United States and, more recently, an FBI Uniform Crime Report showed it to be the 5th safest city. A very low crime rate is just another reason why so many people choose to raise a family and retire here.

Incredible parks
50 city parks, comprising around 1200 acres of developed land, make Henderson an ideal place to be if you’re an athlete, a kid, a dog, or just someone who loves getting outside. Beautiful landscaping, smart planning, and strong leadership by Henderson Parks and Recreation have resulted in multiple awards, including a “Gold Medal” award from the National Recreation and Park Association!

Extensive trail system
This is related to number 4, but it deserves special recognition. Henderson has over 184 miles of groomed trails winding throughout the community. They provide lots of opportunities for recreation and fitness, not to mention an alternative method of transportation within the city. On any given day you can find people walking, hiking, and riding their bikes through the trails, which are often filled with local desert wildlife (watch out for those famous Henderson cottontails!). Recently the Las Vegas Review-Journalnamed Henderson as the “Best Place to Ride a Bike” in its annual “Best of Las Vegas” poll. Also, Desert Companion magazine recognized the River Mountains Loop Trail as “Best Bike Ride” and Pittman Wash Trail as “Best Running Trail” in its annual Best of the City guide.