Get Ready for the Las Vegas Raiders!

Over the next couple of years we’ll all have to start getting used to saying, “The Las Vegas Raiders”! The move to our Valley by 2020 became official after the recent vote by the NFL owners! In fact, the Raider organization has narrowed down the two possible sites on the North End of the Las Vegas Strip where their $1.9 Billion dollar stadium will be built! You can see the amazing renderings and summary of it’s features here.

Growing up in Las Vegas and being here for over 30 years has helped my real estate career immensely. My clients are able to take advantage of my Las Vegas & Henderson knowledge. I know this area! And the fact that we’ll soon have 2 professional sports teams here really shows that Vegas has arrived!

What do I expect to see in our real estate future? Nothing short of greatness! More jobs, more people moving here, and more houses!

The cost of living in Southern Nevada is certainly less expensive than California. Nevada consistently ranks as one of the cheapest States to live in. We don’t have a state income tax here! Zero/Nada/Zilch/$0…whereas California could have you paying up to 13% annually depending on income. Housing is less here too! That $500K home in California is around $300K here. You can absolutely stretch your money farther here.

If you have questions about moving here or you’re ready to buy here, contact me today. Mike Rebarchick w/ LIFE Realty at (702) 501-8726. Your Las Vegas and Henderson Real estate expert!  

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