Pied Piper Leading Californians to Southern Nevada

Californians moving to Nevada

End-of-the-year typically means that folks review their expenses for the past twelve months, and many try to come up with a strategy to save money in the upcoming year. It makes for one of the more popular New Year’s Resolutions!

In 2015 there’s even more reason to try to save. The cost-of-living is increasing everywhere (some places more than others).  I won’t get into the politics of things but, with one of the biggest budget-busters being the rising cost of health insurance (rates are tripling for many people!) effective 1/1/2015, many are left trying to come up with a strategy to afford and maintain their lifestyle.

I know planning a move around the corner, across town, and especially to a new state sounds worse than a trip to the dentist, but consider the incredible savings of moving to Southern Nevada…

For this exercise I’m going to use the example of moving to Nevada from California. Full disclosure: we loved living in the Los Angeles area from 2005-2007 but it was extremely expensive, which led us to relocate back to the Las Vegas valley — specifically the Henderson area. Having this unique perspective and ability to compare living in the two states helps to make my point even stronger.

Never mind that Nevada’s property tax and sales tax are less than California’s, but remember that we don’t have a STATE INCOME TAX! That’s not a typo… and it’s just one reason why CA residents are flocking to Nevada!

While Californians are “enjoying” paying 6% – 12.3% of their income to the State of California (2% if living in poverty and up to 13.3% for the ultra wealthy), our state income tax is $0/zip/nada/none/the big goose egg… you get the idea.

With our median house price still low (currently at just $199,000) imagine how far your extra money could be stretched. You’ll get a newer home, in a newer neighborhood, that offers newer schools and newer (often much nicer) amenities. The cost of living is already less… now factor in the savings on eliminating that nasty CA state income tax.

You’ll get to save and reinvest your hard-earned money into your own home, retirement, stocks, bonds, investments, etc. If you’re retired, or planning to retire soon, the benefits of coming to NV are especially strong. It’s truly an amazing opportunity!

If you’ve had enough of that type of overly-expensive lifestyle, I encourage you to research moving to Southern Nevada and especially the Henderson/Las Vegas areas. You’ll have many of the benefits of living in California — including beautiful parks, great hiking trails, world-class golf options, year-round warm weather, among others — but most importantly you’ll save a lot of money!

Update 1/15: A new report has just been released — the 2014 Annual National Movers Study — showing that Nevada is once again one of the top “inbound” states for relocations! More here: Study shows more people are relocating to Nevada

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