This iconic sign greets visitors coming into our great city, but what about those driving here in a moving truck?

More and more people from California are relocating to Southern Nevada each month for a more affordable way of life. Housing Prices are less (Median House Price is $285K), Taxes are less ($0 State Income Tax), Less than 1% Property Tax, and an overall cost of living that’s less!

For those of who have grown up in Las Vegas the secret is definitely out! Our Economy is strong, Jobs are plentiful, and there are Housing Options! Curious on a move to Las Vegas/Henderson and wanting to see how far your dollar will stretch in a Vegas way of life? Contact us today for a current housing list.

Want to learn more about why so many people are moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas? Listen to this recent episode of the Vegas Life Podcast:

Have Home Prices gone past YOUR Budget?

Las Vegas home prices, sales climb again at start of 2018

It’s not a secret that we’ve been battling a shortage of homes here in Southern Nevada for a number of years now and in typical “Sales 101” fashion the lack of supply has driven up home prices. With rental costs increasing and mortgage interest rates remaining near historic lows, more and more people are looking into buying a home. The problem that they’re finding is that the prices may have increased past their buying power.

A recent Las Vegas Review-Journal Article confirmed that from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2017 the median house price has increased by 14% to $267,900. With the continued low inventory there does not seem to be an end in site.

If you’re considering Buying a home in 2018 contact us today at (702) 501-8726! Don’t let home prices go past your budget and miss out on the American Dream!

8 Insider Tips for Buying a Home in Las Vegas’ Tight Market [Summer 2017]

We know very well how hard it is to buy a home in the Las Vegas valley right now. In fact, the local housing market is as “tight” as it’s been in years. Home inventory is down and prices are up.

You need to have a proven strategy to compete in this “buyer’s market.” So here are 8 of our best tips and tricks for buying a Las Vegas or Henderson, NV home in 2017:

1) Work with an experienced agent – Don’t waste your time (or money) dealing with realtors who don’t have extensive experience in the local market.

2) Adjust your criteria – In a tight market like this it’s best to be flexible. You might be pleasantly surprised!

3) Get pre-approved for a loan asap – It’s vitally important to know what your “buying power” is and to determine what monthly payment you’re comfortable with.

4) Have an offer strategy – Look at accurate comparables (“comps”) and develop a good offer strategy to avoid wasting your time and/or money!

5) Act fast – In a “buyer’s market” you need to move fast. As soon as you find a home you like, you need to jump on it.

6) Make a strong offer – Making a strong offer can improve your chances of getting the home.

7) Work with the home inspection results – Don’t be afraid of “fixer upper” homes.

8) Stay encouraged – It’s easy to become discouraged in this type of market but there’s no reason to, especially if you have the help of a top real estate agent!

Contact us today so we can help you find your Southern Nevada dream home!

Why are you still RENTING?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly scenarios when renting a home or an apartment might be best for your situation (bad credit, not planning on setting “roots” in Southern Nevada, etc.) but with the positives most likely outweighing the negatives….I have to ask, “Why are you still renting?”

My quick video above explains the numbers pretty clearly. Stop throwing your money away each and quit making your landlord rich! With interest rates remaining at record lows and rental prices rising, stop Renting! You can now have a mortgage payment at less than a monthly rent payment.

Take advantage of those record low interest rates, Mortgage Company lenient underwriting, Down Payment Assistant Programs, Tax Deductions and contact me today to get started!