REALTOR® Q & A Episode #2


Our latest Q & A video has just been posted and is getting regular views and shares on Facebook! It’s also on YouTube and you can watch the video below!

If you’re considering Buying or Selling, watching us answer these 5 common questions is a MUST! Be sure to contact us at (702) 501-8726 to help you with your real estate needs!

Why are you still RENTING?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly scenarios when renting a home or an apartment might be best for your situation (bad credit, not planning on setting “roots” in Southern Nevada, etc.) but with the positives most likely outweighing the negatives….I have to ask, “Why are you still renting?”

My quick video above explains the numbers pretty clearly. Stop throwing your money away each and quit making your landlord rich! With interest rates remaining at record lows and rental prices rising, stop Renting! You can now have a mortgage payment at less than a monthly rent payment.

Take advantage of those record low interest rates, Mortgage Company lenient underwriting, Down Payment Assistant Programs, Tax Deductions and contact me today to get started!