MLB Superstar Bryce Harper’s New Henderson Luxury Home: 10 Things to Know

front of Bryce Harper's luxury home in Henderson NVHere’s an interesting fact: Major League Baseball superstar Bryce Harper is a true born-and-bred Las Vegas native. He grew up on the east side of the city, attended Las Vegas High School, played a season at the College of Southern Nevada, and still spends much of the off-season here close to his family and friends.

Even though he’s worth millions and could live literally anywhere in the world, Harper recently decided to buy a beautiful luxury home in Henderson, NV — Vegas’ “little brother” to the south. Here are 10 interesting things to know about the MVP slugger’s new mansion…

  1. It cost $2.7 million. Pricey but, since Bryce will soon have a new contract worth $100’s of millions, we think he can afford it.
  2. It’s practically brand new. Construction was finished just last year.
  3. It features a modern spin on the ‘Prairie School’ architectural style. That’s a Midwestern style but it’s not uncommon here in the desert southwest.
  4. It’s 7400 square feet. Still not big enough to contain one of Bryce’s home runs.
  5. It has a ‘wine wall’ that can hold nearly 400 bottles of hooch. Since Harper is a Mormon and non-drinker, we assume it’ll be used to hold his baseball trophies.
  6. It has an indoor cascading waterfall. Because being one of the greatest athletes in the world is stressful, and sometimes you just need to sit by your own waterfall to decompress for a few hours.indoor garden in Bryce Harper's Henderson NV luxury home
  7. It has an indoor ornamental garden feature. Perfect for the nature lover who doesn’t have a lot of free time to actually spend in nature.
  8. It has a swimming pool with a raised spa and an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip. Because even people who live in luxury Henderson homes want to see what’s going on in Sin City.
  9. It has a chef’s kitchen featuring quartzite countertops and an island bar. Just like Bryce, quartzite is native to Nevada.
  10. It has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a large game room. Harper has stated many times that he doesn’t like to “party” but, if he ever changes his mind, he now has the perfect home in which to throw blowouts.

We’re very glad that hometown hero Bryce Harper has decided to stay in the Vegas area and, especially, that he’s chosen to live in our beautiful city of Henderson, NV. It really does offer the best of all worlds in terms of lifestyle and amenities… which is why we constantly recommend Henderson to our clients.

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