New Video Testimonial: Seven Hills Home Sold in 32 Hours… and For a Great Price!

Backyard with pool of Seven Hills home we sold fast!Everyone knows that Henderson, NV real estate is hot right now… but sometimes even we are surprised at what can be accomplished with the right strategy, all-out effort, and a good client/REALTOR® combo!

Case in point: last month we were able to help one of our clients sell his Seven Hills home in less than 2 days, and for the top price any house in his neighborhood had sold for in the past year. We were able to pull this off by sticking to the same proven “game plan” we use with nearly every new project:

Intense Research + Clear Communication + Efficient, All-Out Effort = Fast Results! 

As you’ll see in the testimonial video below, we walked our client through all the necessary steps in the sales process and then made the sale happen in a matter of hours. Buying or selling a Las Vegas valley home can be a complicated, complex process… but we always do out best to minimize stress and maximize results!

“I was over-impressed…”

As you can see, we go out of our way to explain every detail, including properly filling out all required paperwork, researching and showing recent comparables (comps) to establish an accurate appraisal, and marketing the home in the most effective ways possible.

When things come together amazing results can occur… like selling a home for max price in less than 2 days!  🙂

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